The animal love in the

form of a diamond


A diamond is one of the most beautiful and precious creations of the nature. It is valuable and desired.


It is also harmonious and perfect. It is simply unique. It has the power to impress but above all to enchant.


By its form we keep memories. We perpetuate unforgettable moments and we demonstrate the love for your animal with a special touch.

Gem Horse Diamond

True Diamonds made by Equine Mane

Equine Mane - Horse Diamond
Ashes to Diamond - Horse Diamond
Diamond - Horse Diamond

Brilho Infinito is the first company in Brazil to offer the technique of producing diamonds from the mane of horses.

From the carbon of the strands, the essential element of a precious stone, you can keep a special memory of your great companion.


Authentic and Innovative in all of the processes


After the cut, the mane of your horse is submitted at high temperatures to extract the carbon contained in it, which processed in high-tech equipment results in an exclusive diamond.

Cristal Gem - Horse Diamond
Blau Gem - Horse Diamond
Verd Gem - Horse Diamond
Canari Cristal Gem - Horse Diamond
Red Gem - Horse Diamond

A single piece is also committed to sentimental value


The authentic diamonds of Brilho Infinito are certified in a renowned independent laboratory, member of a network accredited by Confédération International de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie des Diamants, Perles et Pierres (CIBJO), an international regulating entity of the jeweler segment in the world.

All accompany a Certificate of Guarantee that certifies the use of the material supplied by the customer with a pen drive containing the recording of the reception process, carbonization and all of the processes of carbonization of the hair.

Horse Diamond by Beth Miranda 

Elizabeth Pires de Castro Miranda better known as Beth Miranda is 69 and was born in Goiânia. Daughter of farmers she always had a passion for horses and jewelry, a passion that even passed on to her children, the Olympic medalist Doda Miranda, the international horseman Nando Miranda and Ana Luiza Miranda the only one who did not proceed in the sport.


About 20 years ago she started to create jewelry idealizing unique pieces for the
Global ChampionsTour, the biggest equestrian circuit of the world. Now she will sign the design of the diamonds of Brilho Infinito,
combining the beauty of the stones with the mane of the horses, a unique challenge that promises to be charming.

Model wearing necklace, armlet, earrings and rings Horse Diamonds by Beth Miranda
Armlet rings Horse Diamonds Jewels by Beth Miranda
Models wearing necklaces Horse Diamonds by Beth Miranda
Detail of a necklace with a flower and horseshoe pendant - Horse Diamond
Pendant and leather armlet with a golden eye with a horseshoe and Diamonds- Horse Diamond

Brilho Infinito is part of the Altstut Group

The Altstut Group has a history of accomplishments. A constant search for quality, fruit of the dream of the entrepreneur Pepe Altstut. Ideal that has become a reference of a solid, recognized and innovative group.


To achieve success, diversification in the investments has always been accompanied by the valorization of the human being and sustainability practices. A thought that has brought the trust of partners and customer. And it turned into a trajectory full of great accomplishments.

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